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Sunday RewindA Complete History Of The Humble Spring Bar

Here at HODINKEE we are all about asking the tough questions. What is the very nature of time? How does wearing a mechanical timekeeper ground one to the very fabric of physics and the universe? And who the heck invented the spring bar? Ok, ok, that last one might not be quite on the same level, but it’s a good question nonetheless and one that we’d be willing to be hundreds, nay, thousands, of watch nerds the world over have been noodling over for quite some time. Luckily for all of us, we have the illustrious Jack Forster to help, doing the arduous research that would terrify the rest of us.

Oh yes, there are diagrams.

Back in the very first days of 2016, Jack put together what we here at HODINKEE HQ still consider one of the most fun, idiosyncratic, and educational stories that we have had the pleasure of publishing in our decade of writing about all things horological. His nearly 3,500-word history of the spring bar looks at the devices origins and technical qualities, all the while also telling a tale about the history of the wristwatch itself and how it came to dominate in the 20th century. It turns out, when you give Jack a big question and tell him to tell a deep, winding, interesting story, the results are seriously good.

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